As I Walked Down These Streets of This Perils World~ By Erick Jamison  I hate to see that hatred is on a racial scale. I think life as we live it is a test to see who the best for the next world is. Although I hate to see my black brother’s taught, taught that the white man is superior and they have the upper thoughts. Freedom was the only thing we could dream, coming from a land where we were originally king’s and queen’s. When we came to america all we could see is white men attaching shackles to our feet. To plantations we went. Picking cotton was the only quality time we spent. Shoveling drifts no sock’s or coat’s or even a hot coffee to sip. Although we made it over the years with little frustration. With our freedom activist they pushed to make the world better. For example, Malcolm x and Rosa Parks whop struggled to free us from that human made hell. From Dr.King to Frederick Douglass they were all big helps to help our black brother’s and sister’s through that racial struggle. Now we made it with a black president in office. There are still racist government officials so just know this black brother has not bought it. That’s why I’m not giving may black back. Now shackle that!!!