The 2015 U.S. History and American Government Class on the Road was a success.  The weather was perfect for our stay in Washington, D.C. that allowed the students to walk around and visit the monuments.  The students visited the monument that paid tribute to Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., and it was breath-taking.  The students toured the entire site reading the famous quotes by Dr. King.   In addition, the students saw the monuments of President Washington, Lincoln, and Jefferson.  Inside of the people’s House, students were in awe.  The pictures, lighting, and the artifacts were startling.  The students saw the tributes paid to Dr. Martin L. King, Jr., Ms. Rosa Parks, “Fighting” Robert Lafollette, and many others.  The tour of the White House also more exciting in that the student got to see where the nation’s first African American President work and resides.    

In Philadelphia, the students had a guided tour of the National Constitutional
Center where students saw the making of the U.S. Constitution come alive through film and the voices of the Founders.  The students saw the first sitting of the Continental Congress, the Liberty Bell and enjoyed many Cheesesteaks.  The most memorable site on the tour in Philadelphia was the visitation to Mother Bethel AME Church founded by Bishop Richard Allen, a former slave.  Inside the church, the students saw the history of the church and came upon the crypt of Richard Allen and his wife.