First hand History

The 2015 U.S. History and American Government Class on the Road was a success.  The weather was perfect for our stay in Washington, D.C. that allowed the students to walk...

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College Tour-pt2

How can one visit Memphis, TN and not recall the notable historical moments in time. The Loraine Hotel. The Historic mason temple. Beale Street.



#EagleNations   This year has been a great year for the media to report the success of of Children.  Our Division 5State Championship was an exciting time to see the...


New York, New York

….Lastly, in the New York, the students gazed upon the Statute of Liberty as we approach the city lights.  The students got the chance to visit the new world Trade...


First stop $5000

On the first stop of our mid-south college tour, one of our senior qualified and was immediately granted a $5000.00 renewable scholarship.  Her conversation with the admission department along with...


View Report cards Online

Now you can view your students report card online… https://280102.stiinformationnow.com/informationnow

Students Focus

Students Focus

   As I Walked Down These Streets of This Perils World~ By Erick Jamison  I hate to see that hatred is on a racial scale. I think life as we...

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On March 11, 2015, YCWHS Social Studies teacher  Mr. Calvin Eleby, Jr., will travel with 28 students on a trace of U.S. History  and the formation of our system of...

Cultural Diversity Program

Cultural Diversity Program

Parents, fellow scholars and school officials watched with great pride as Young Coggs Williams High School celebrated their annual cultural diversity program on Friday, February 27, 2015. Students were able...



A little information on C-Stem the C-stem stands for Science, Technology, Engineering, and Mathematics and our beliefs is that everyone’s an artist 🙂 We challenge the students to think outside...